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Face to Face Therapy

Face to face therapy provides a safe and confidential environment that is solely for you, however you turn up. It is your space where your experiences can be shared and contained. Meeting as therapist and client in the therapeutic room can foster a deeper sense of connection. It's important to feel seen and heard during therapy, and working face to face can help provide the freedom to explore your thoughts and feelings.

Online Therapy

Stepping into therapy can already feel hard, let alone stepping into a new environment with someone new. By offering an online counselling service, I am able to meet you where you are in your own familiar space. I understand that everyone's needs are different. I'm here to provide a supportive online experience that feels accessible and possible, for you.

Therapy with you in mind.


"Throughout my time in therapy, I have never felt so comfortable, or trusted anyone as much as Antalia. She creates a very safe space in which I have had the opportunity to work on myself and make incredible progress."
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