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Antalia Terblanche

Integrative Therapist, MBACP

I'm a therapist based in Kent and I am here to hear your story. 

I provide a safe and compassionate space to explore your emotional needs, at your pace.

No matter how you have shown up or what has brought you here, I welcome you. It is positive that you are looking for therapeutic support, or perhaps, you may just be curious to understanding what therapy is all about.

Whatever your reasons, I hope you find what you are seeking.

Areas I support with:

Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, 
Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Bereavement,
Mood Disorders, Self Harm, Stress

Therapy with AT is a counselling practice with care at the core of your therapy.​ Your story matters and I'm here to provide a safe and trusting therapeutic space for you to share it. I'll be here to support your journey towards greater self-awareness and resilience.

Your Steps to Therapy

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Let's have a chat

It is brave to contemplate starting therapy and I can be your listening ear as we navigate how your counselling journey can look, together. I respect you and the courage it takes to step into something new.

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Meeting you, meeting me.

A first session can seem scary. It is ok to turn up and to feel however you do. I am not here to judge, after all. This is a chance for us to meet and to get know each other, as therapist

and client.

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Your therapy

Your therapeutic journey is individual to you. It may take you on a path to childhood or past memories or draw focus on the "here and now".

I will work alongside you at your pace, with compassion.

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